How to you know if your makeup is vegan?

Vegans or vegans differ from vegetarians in that they only consume and use foods from the plant world. Vegetarians accept to eat fish, eggs and honey. They also use products based on animal extracts, even if they do not eat them. Vegans, on the other hand, refuse to eat them at all. They limit themselves to plants, whether for direct or indirect consumption.

What is the difference between vegan make-up and vegan make-up?

The vegan make-up range was launched through social networks. Even non-vegans are buying it. It's quite possible that labelers will add the word "vegan" on their product to increase sales. Authentication is necessary. Every commodity must be verified. By mentioning vegan on the packaging, the product is supposed to be kept away from animals, even for testing. To authenticate vegan make-up, relying on the label is not enough. The difference between a classic and a vegan cosmetic product lies in the components. The collagen that is used mainly for anti-aging makeup comes from pig bones and skin. It can also be extracted from fish scales and bones. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the list of ingredients on the back of the palette, since it can be taken from an animal organism.

Real vegan make-up

In addition to being organic, vegan makeup is environmentally friendly from the packaging to the testing stage. Specifically, the packaging must be made of environmentally friendly paper or plastic and must not have been tested on an animal. The aim is to avoid cruelty to animals, with the adoption of the cruelty free' system. This means that the make-up must not have been tested on animals and must not contain any trace of ingredients of animal origin.

What does vegan make-up contain?

An excellent vegan make-up contains only vegetable-based products. Vegan make-up comes from essential oils and hydrolats. As far as the certifications on the packaging are concerned, the most reliable are the products tested by vegan Europe expertise. It is the first organization in France that is in charge of the certification of products subject to the vegan regime. It ensures that the public is informed of the vegan conformity of a given product and authenticates vegan make-up by affixing their signature on the packaging.
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