Why more and more people are choosing to have their tummy tucks abroad ?

tummy tucks

Nowadays, with technological advancements, getting the perfect body shape is no hassle. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can get you in shape. If you want to get rid of loose fat from pregnancy, you can choose this procedure, provided you are through with giving birth. Older people who have inelastic hanging skin from obesity can also consider this surgery to better their body condition. Medical tourism comes in handy with several advantages. For example, a tummy tuck in Turkey can save you a lot of money. Other reasons for surgery abroad include privacy and vacationing while on surgery. Read on to know why people prefer abdominoplasty procedures abroad.

It saves you money

Medical procedures in developed nations are quite pricey. Therefore, seeking services abroad in less urbanized countries is better to save money because of lower procedure costs. In a less developed country, the cost you may incur can often only form a portion of what you will pay in a developed country. Ordinarily, tummy tucks and other cosmetic procedures do not fall under your insurance; therefore, you must spend from your pocket. Without insurance, medical tourism in other countries is a cheaper solution for abdominoplasty.


Some people can be secretive. For example, people avoid informing other parties about them undergoing procedures like abdominoplasty or even plastic surgery. Thus, traveling overseas in the name of a vacation or business trip can do the trick. Relatives and friends, in particular, do not need to know what you are up to, except maybe your spouse. Going off to a foreign country can ensure utmost privacy with enough time to recover from the surgery. Then, once you are back home, it's business as usual without any questions or critics.

Less waiting time

Numerous people organize their appointments locally rather than abroad in developed countries like the US and the UK since they trust their services. Therefore, the waiting time can be very long, taking weeks or months for you to get your tummy tuck procedure. Unless you seek services abroad, you are bound to wait for quite a long time. Alternative countries offer a short or zero wait time, thus allowing you to go through the process as soon as possible. Waiting for months to get your tummy tuck procedure can worsen your tummy condition, making you grow impatient. Seek services abroad to get your tummy in shape with no delay.

Healthcare quality

The healthcare experts like the cosmetic surgeons are well educated in universities in the US and Europe. With professionnels equal to those in Liverpool or Manchester, surgeons abroad can work efficiently portraying the utmost expertise. Medical tourism opens global options for quickly accessible services from qualified professionals. Getting a tummy tuck in Turkey for example, allows you access to hospitals and cosmetic surgery medical centres verified by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). With backing from the ICRC, people are confident in the processes and professionals undertaking the surgery. The surgeons abroad, particularly in Turkey have specialized in tummy tucks, minor and major. The healthcare professionals not only employ the most recent tummy tuck techniques, but also after the procedure they will leave you with very small, almost unnoticeable scars. After the surgery, the follow up procedure is up to the task to ensure you recover as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

Medical tourism has its perks, from saving you time and money to getting you approved healthcare from qualified healthcare practitioners. Visit countries abroad and enjoy top-tier healthcare equal to the quality offered in the US and UK.

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