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The cardigan returns: How to wear it without looking frumpy

Over the years some trendy fashion believed to have faded away decades back has made a comeback. Currently, the cardigan is the thing in the fashion world thanks to some good renowned models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the…

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How to use anti-aging skincare properly?

With a society that is more and more based on physical appearance, it is necessary today to take care of your appearance.  Whether it is the hair, the body or the face, daily care is necessary. However, it is not…

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How to you know if your makeup is vegan?

Vegans or vegans differ from vegetarians in that they only consume and use foods from the plant world. Vegetarians accept to eat fish, eggs and honey. They also use products based on animal extracts, even if they do not eat…

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Blush: our instructions to apply it properly

The blush or blush has become a must, if you want to succeed in your make-up with ease. But to have rosy cheeks, knowing how to apply blush according to the rules of the art is essential. If you have…

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