The cardigan returns: How to wear it without looking frumpy


Over the years some trendy fashion believed to have faded away decades back has made a comeback. Currently, the cardigan is the thing in the fashion world thanks to some good renowned models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the current weather which bring forth the need to layer up. Up until now, sweaters have hardly been associated with chic looks. Currently, major fashion houses like Brunello Cucinelli have led in the cardigan fashion trend. One can have a look at some of the trendy cardigans of cucinelli through the Brunello Cucinelli sale link.
A cardigan comes in different styles and sizes which will help dictate how it should be styled and what kind of body shape it suits best. It is however good to know that pairing up a cardigan isn’t a straightforward thing, it can be tricky. Well, this article will explain how to stylishly pair up a cardigan for a trendy look below.

Pairing up a well-fitting lightweight cardigan

A pair of well-fitting light-weight sweaters can be paired with different trendy clothes to create a chic and comfy look. To start with one can choose to tuck a fitting sweater in a pair of good-looking mommy jeans with black chunky heel boots.
On the other hand, if you want a street look, you can pair a white-fitting sweater with a pair of well-fitting skinny jeans. The sweater can be left over the skinnies and tucked in one side. The look will not be complete without a black leather jacket, a pair of white converse shoes, and fashionable items like a golden pendant.

Wearing a cropped up colorful cardigan

When going for a chic look one can try going for an off-shoulder. You can choose to pair a bold-colored sweater with laid-back underwear. The underwear can be black leather pants, some flats, and a strapless bra. The bold-colored V-neck sweater can be buttoned up and pulled down over one shoulder thus giving a sexy chic look.

Wearing a long line sweater

Long-line sweaters have the effect of making one appear to be slimmer. The sweater can also double up as a maxi sweater dress. When wearing it as a dress you can button it down and pair it up with a cropped-up leather jacket and a pair of comfortable converse shoes.
One can also go for a more comfy look by pairing a long-line sweater with a simple look of a t-shirt and jeggings. The whole look will be done once you add some ankle boots. On the other hand, you can go for a chic look by wearing a long sweater over a knee-length dress or a combination of a knee-length skirt, a comfortable t-shirt, and ankle boots.

Chunky and waterfall sweaters

Sweaters can also be used to cover up a tummy. A round-neck chunky sweater will do a good hiding a tummy at the same time being comfy and warm. The round-neck chunky sweater is better worn when paired with a vest, leggings, and thigh-high boots. This look can also go well when one wears a pair of black jeggings, a chunky neutral-colored chunky sweater, and some white sneakers.
A waterfall sweater on the other hand can also serve well in hiding tummy fat. Waterfall sweaters look good when worn over a pair of fitting pants and vest.

Pairing sweaters with shorts, rompers, and palazzo pants

Shorts paired with sweaters are a cute outfit when you come to think of it. For a comfy yet chic look, one can pair an oversize chunky sweater with cuffed jean shorts and a white tucked-in tank top. To complete the look for a comfy yet chic look one can pair an oversize chunky sweater with cuffed jean shorts and a white tucked-in tank top. To complete the look you can include a low-hanging necklace and some shades.
For those who are going for a bohemian look, you can wear a long mid-length beige sweater over a white bohemian-themed romper. On top of that, you can add some jewelry to compliment the look and then finalize it with some good wedges.
If you like bright or outstanding outfits then you should try out pairing a sweater and flowery shorts. When wearing a floral piece the rule of thumb is to keep everything else simple. In this case, you can wear floral shorts together with a black top and a black long sweater. To complement the outfit you can add a long necklace and some comfy wedges.
Last but not least you can pair a nice looking lightweight-fitting mustard sweater with white palazzo pants and some heels for a day in the office.

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