Blush: our instructions to apply it properly

The blush or blush has become a must, if you want to succeed in your make-up with ease. But to have rosy cheeks, knowing how to apply blush according to the rules of the art is essential. If you have difficulty using it, or if you are applying it for the first time, here are the best methods!

Applying blush: it all depends on the texture

To apply your blush properly, you need to choose the right texture. Some have a particular penchant for liquid blushes, while others simply prefer creamy textures. Then there are those who opt for the simplicity of powder blushes. A woman with oily skin will settle for a shot of powder blush to matify her complexion. To apply blush, a few strokes of the brush are enough. The creamy blush is ideal for dry skin. It is a product appreciated for its practicality, since you only need to apply the creamy blush with your finger. Finally, to apply the liquid blush, it is recommended to use a small sponge to blend it perfectly.

Apply your blush: work it according to the shape of your face.

Applying your blush is all about caring about the shape of your face. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that some faces already have well marked cheeks rather than others. To apply your blush on a round face, work on the temples and cheekbones first. A long face must be sculpted horizontally. Conversely, a square face does not require much blush, as only a few strokes on the cheekbones are needed. In any case, whatever the shape of the face, sketch a pretty smile so as to raise your cheekbones and apply your blush on the right surface.

Applying your blush: what to avoid at all costs!

If you want to apply your blush with elegance and refinement without overdoing it, some mistakes should be avoided. Day and night, never apply too much blush, as their reflection under the light may hollow out your face. Also, for a romantic outing, a reception or simply at the office, avoid combining your blush with your lipstick. Opt for different, but not opposing, shades to lighten your face.
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