Lithotherapy jewellery: why wear turquoise jewellery?

turquoise jewellery

According to, turquoise is known for its strange magical colour. It comes with indescribable greenish and blueish hues. It was first discovered by Egyptians, who used it for fashion and decoration. The stone was mainly used by women who used it as jewellery. Throughout history, this type of gemstone was used as a symbol of immortality and knowledge. This also explains why it was mainly used by kings and queens. Noblemen also used the jewellery by wearing it in front of their court. Besides using the stone to show their status, they also used it to show their deep understanding of the physical world.

What is Turquoise?

This is a type of gemstone that is widely used across the globe. This is the best stone if you like gemstone and would like to own it in the form of jewellery. Besides being known for its lovely colour, the stone is believed to have a range of mystical properties. Those who wear the stone are believed to have protection and strength. Thus, wearing the stone might enhance your look while keeping you safe and strong at all times. Most people prefer wearing natural stone jewellery in the summer, but it is a very versatile precious stone. In Persia, the stone was widely used in the form of currency for many other important objects. In Tibet and India, natural stone jewellery was mainly used to make things like bracelets, jewels, necklaces, pendants, etc. Besides making art, the gemstone was also used for a plethora of medical reasons, mainly in litho therapy. In the US, for instance, the Native Americans used it for its virtues; they still do at the time of writing this guide. Apaches, on the other hand, related the use of the stone to the sea and sky, so they used it to guide hunters and warriors from dangers. The Navajo believed that the stone was a block of heaven that fell to them here on earth. Some communities that the stone was way too powerful to be worn by humans and that only the gods could afford to wear it. After many years, the stone becomes very common in Europe, where it is currently used to make jewellery, and in litho therapy to deal with many types of health complications. The stone can also be used to improve spirituality and physical wellbeing. Lithotherapy can be described as a type of medical system that primarily relies on the energy and colour of stones to help coordinate the body. The process can also be described as the healing energy of the natural stone when worn by humans. Lithotherapy is a word that was derived from Greek words; lithos and therapia. It all means the process of caring for patients using the earth stones. Stones and minerals have some important qualities in them that can be used to get rid of physical and psychological stress from the body, and that is how lithotheraoy works. It is believed that the stones can be connected to parts of the body where the healing effect is needed. Lithotherapy makes use of the energy from the stones to bring about a balance between the mind, spirit, and the body. It can be used to take are of psychological level and spiritual level. Experts can also use the stone to improve the physical wellbeing of their patients. It is believed that the colour of the stone and its chemical properties can be used to determine its energy level. This stone has been used for healing since the ancient times, and it only keeps getting famous for its amazing results. For instance, in the early civilization times, the stone came in handy when there was a need to heal people during ceremonies and rituals. The ancient people also believed they could use minerals to improve their power and fertility, and so they used the gemstone. They also had a strong belief that they could use the stone to gain protection against evil spirits.

Mental benefits and stress management

The stone is widely used as a calmer. This means it can help reduce anger while improving empathy. If you are struggling with anger, then your therapist will use the stone to help alleviate your situation. General body relaxation is an important thing because it helps improve positive thinking in stressed and unstressed people. If you go through lithoterapy and complete your sessions successfully, you will experience great reduction in stress. The stones will let out the negative aspects, and let you take in the positive ones. If that happens, you will not be a stressed person, and your life will be full of positivity. Your personal satisfaction will also be improved if this stone is used for your therapy. Introverts looking to increase their expression with others can use lithotherapy to improve their social expression with others. The therapists know how to use the stones as their third eye chakra to improve the results of meditation sessions. The stone can also be used to improve relationships and love on the eye chakra. Therapists have widely used the stone to reduce fatigue, stop people from acting on impulse, control mood swings, and clear the moral sense. Suppose you are struggling with some sort of chronic pain, you can seek help from litho therapist. They will use the stone to help reduce that pain to a manageable level so that you lead a comfortable life. For example, the stone can be used to help reduce the pain associated with the teething process in infants. Usually, teething is a painful experience that will deny your child the comfort they deserve, so you might want to seek some help from a litho therapist. What happens is that the child will put in necklaces made from the stone, and they won’t show any sign of pain during the teething process. The baby’s body will then absorb the acid, which will then stimulate the body so that there will not be any inflammation. Both adults and children can benefit from this important fact about natural stone jewellery. Wen wears the stone; they can also work to prevent them from feeling the intestinal pains. Physically, the stone can be used to take care of things like the nervous system, pain, and bodily fluids. If you feel that your blood needs cleaning, then you should either put on jewellery made of natural stone or seek help from a lithotherapist.

Fights addiction and improves vision

Alcohol and smoking addiction are so hard to deal with. Many people globally struggle with the two types of addiction. With the help of a natural stone therapist, you can successfully deal with the problem and lead a normal life. You will gain control over your thirst and body. For the best results, you should keep the stone as close to you as possible at all times. If possible, you should wear a necklace made of the natural stone so that you won’t forget to keep it very close to your body. Waves and negative energy that might deter you from fighting addition effectively will be repelled if you start using natural stones in lithotherapy. With the stone close to your body, you won’t give in to the urge of smoking or drinking alcohol. There is a range of elements that stimulate addiction, and some of them are too strong that you can’t fight on your own. Whether you need short-term or long-term results, you can easily use the stones to achieve desired results. To use the stones in lithotherapy, the therapist will use the stone to massage the areas around the eyes. It will work, even if the patient has some eye complications. Most of the time, addiction is caused by what we perceive and what we think in our minds. As such, you can tackle the problem by massaging the areas around the eyes. The effects will also benefit you psychologically because you will develop positive thoughts. Blood pressure and stress are the major problems that make people’s lives harder. If you want to eradicate the same problems, talk to a therapist, and they will recommend the number of sessions you are supposed to attend to get the most impressive results. You will gain control of your life as long as the stones are used the right way. The natural stones can also promote self-control, self-confidence, proper blood circulation, self-connection, and regulation of human hormones.


Would you like to enjoy the benefits mentioned above? With the gemstone stone, you can be sure that all your physical, mental, and social problems will be dealt with accordingly. Note that you need to get in touch with an experienced litho therapist for the best results, and all your problems will go away. If you have any questions about using the stones to achieve stable health, let us know in the comments. Note that only an expert can show you how to use the stones to gain the desired results.

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