Where to leave to get some rest ?

Here or elsewhere, there is no shortage of destinations. Staying at home is one option, but nothing beats a well-deserved holiday under the sun or breathing the clean air of nature.

Escape to the seaside

To reach paradisiacal islands, the eyes must be riveted towards the islands of the Indian Ocean. As an example, the town of Saint-Denis located in the heart of Reunion Island allows a perfect resting trip for all ages. In addition to a peaceful holiday, typical Creole dishes add a touch of exoticism to your stay. To go further and escape the daily rhythms, going to the Big Water Cay is an idea. A small, almost uninhabited island, Big Water Cay is ideal for a relaxing trip. A secluded destination, a trip to this island offers a stay that takes you away from the rest of the world. Accessible, only by boat, this island is located east of Providenciales.

A getaway in the mountains and in nature

No one will say no to a little vacation in the wilderness. The mountains allow family activities without spending too much money. Most of the time deserted, silence, peace and connection with nature are the order of the day. The list of mountain destinations is long, but for a resting trip you should look to the Pyrenees or the Alps. Indeed, staying in the mountains gives access to clean air and a less populated environment than the cities. In case you get bored, you will have the opportunity to go outside to admire the landscape.

How to book a place to rest?

Thanks to developments in real estate, it is now possible to reserve a house near a lake for your rest trip. Switzerland, France and Italy have lakes that are peaceful enough for this occasion. A family swim can be organized there with walks in the forest. For picnics, fresh air and forest products free you from the daily stress of work. In this way, the lack of nature syndrome is avoided. This is the loss of connection with other living beings than humans observed in children. Noticed in children who are forced to follow an overloaded schedule, it can only be cured by the path of resting trips of varying length depending on the severity of each case.
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