What is spirulina ?

Whether in medicine, sports or dieting, finding and concocting a healthy diet with the necessary nutrients is a real quest. Discover a revolutionary food already known a long time ago, spirulina. Spirulina is a super food with the most complete nutritional composition possible. For example, the World Health Organization has voted it the food of choice in the current age.

What is spirulina?

It is an algae, more precisely a micro-algae, reputed to be a food source highly rich in protein, multiple vitamins and minerals. This seaweed is produced naturally in lakes and is generally used for therapeutic purposes. The term spirulina can refer to a dietary supplement. A product that can be in the form of a pill, or a powder that is mixed with food to make a complete food. It is for example used to combat malnutrition, fatigue or to facilitate the recovery of a person in convalescence.

Properties of spirulina

Protein richness is a property of spirulina. Spirulina is the food known to have the highest quality protein. Very high quality vegetable proteins containing amino acids, one of the reasons why it is adored by sportsmen and women. It also contains many B-group vitamins, iron, minerals, etc. Spirulina, in spite of its small size, which reaches 0.2 minutes, is a real mine of quality nutrients. It has a very high nutritional value, and an antioxidant property that makes it an essential food to fight against malnutrition or to quickly regenerate an organism.

The benefits of spirulina

Spirulina is a dietary supplement. It is therefore not a food source. It is used to supplement and increase the nutritional value of an existing diet. It provides the body with nutrients essential to its development and functioning. Spirulina is a precious help for a healthy lifestyle, because it is a completely natural food. They contribute for example to keep in shape, to keep vitality, to increase endurance or to resist fatigue. Its use also helps to improve the immune system, thus the body's defence, to lower cholesterol levels, to fight against hypertension, to prevent cancer, to slow down old age...
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